‘Because of Toastmasters, I am a much better listener and effective communicator. I have learnt to positively criticize and praise wholeheartedly and in turn, receive the same.’ Dr Manoj Shah, President, Iconic Toastmasters Club (7824342)

Dr. Manoj Shah is a businessman and philanthropist. He is the Managing Director of the Kingsway Group of Companies which includes the Kingsway Tyres, Village Market shopping mall and the Tribe and Trademark hotels amongst others. He is also the chairperson of the M. P. Shah Hospital and a board member and trustee of many organisations. He has served all these organisations for over forty-six (46) years as a boss mover.

As an industry leader he had always admired Toastmasters and he had a few friends who were Toastmasters. During the COVID 19 pandemic and encouraged by his daughter Suyem, Dr. Manoj started Iconic Toastmasters which is now 18 months with 25 members of all ages. He has been a mentor to young members who have joined the club.

He has experienced personal growth which has encouraged him to stay in Toastmasters.

“I have been impressed by my personal development as a leader, boss-mover and of course as a public speaker. Moreover, it’s just unbelievable the transformation that many of our club members have gone through just like me. Today when I see what the magic of Toastmasters has done to them, it inspires and motivates me on my personal journey. Being an industry leader, I preach these benefits to all the people I work with in the corporate world. They are amazed at what Toastmasters International offers for improvement.”

His memorable Toastmasters boss move?

He has learnt to keep his remarks and comments as a leader to a maximum of six (6) minutes in all my corporate engagements. My fellow board members and staff were amazed at how he could deliver a structured message in such a short time while previously he dragged on.

He has put his active listening skills to good use.

“I learnt to listen more and talk less. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic at the M.P. Shah Hospital, we had an immense crisis such as an overflow of patients that needed help and a shortage of medical supplies such as oxygen, materials and medicines required to save lives. One of the things I applied in my strategic move to salvage the situation was active listening where I met with my team and by hearing what they were saying I understood the magnitude of the problem. By listening, I also found solutions to many of these challenges.”


How has Toastmasters helped him in his career and business life.

“I am a much better listener and effective communicator (I run my corporate meetings more effectively and efficiently). Most importantly I have learnt to positively criticize and praise wholeheartedly and in turn, receive the same. The networking in Toastmasters’ International – especially in District 114 – has truly been an amazing experience for me as a boss mover.

Why should one join Toastmasters?

The motto of Toastmasters International is “Where Leaders Are Made”. It will truly transform and enhance your professional and personal life by combating your fears, sharpening your leadership abilities, improving your confidence, and expanding your network.

Why should people attend TEACON?

“I highly encourage all to attend TEACON (Toastmasters East Africa Conference) as it is an amazing opportunity to experience a high calibre of national and international keynote speakers who’ll share their knowledge and wisdom. It is an excellent opportunity for each of us to imagine new possibilities, believe in our abilities to realize these possibilities and achieve new goals and skills while having fun while networking.

What do you expect to experience at TEACON?

“The conventions are always a time to network with fellow Toastmasters and an opportunity to learn, grow and develop your skills and of course to foster the invaluable fellowship that we have within Toastmasters International. There is value in attending many of the leadership sessions.”

TEACON will be from Friday 27th May to Sunday 29th May 2022. Toastmasters and guests are welcome. Keep an eye out for the registration link for the conference. We have a great line-up of spell-binding guest speakers and award-winning contestants from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Burundi.