Each year, we have Toastmasters who work hard not only for their Education and Leadership goals but also for the greater good of their Clubs, Areas and Divisions.

This Toastmasters Program year, we want to recognize these tireless warriors who work behind the scenes to build our Toastmasters Legacy. 

They are our silent heroes who truly embody the Toastmasters core values:

  1. Respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Service
  4. Excellence

Each month, we will be spotlighting them for their behind-the-scenes sacrifices and adding them to our Wall of Fame capsule, to fly high among the stars, like the true STARS that they are. 

Pioneered by Vivian Akinyi, Div B PR Manager for the Program Year 2021/2022

#Division B #RisingToTheOccassion