The Growth Trajectory of District 114

Our journey as Toastmasters in East Africa is quite exciting and phenomenal to document is such a short space. Stories have been told in tall tales, speeches given in club meetings that tell of every member’s journey within Toastmasters. Each story is our story.

We recognize members who have worked tirelessly to share the joy and impact of leadership and communication in their communities. We have done this together.

The data recorded here presents the records in Toastmasters International.

Period ending June 30th

Chartered Clubs in Country

District Alignment

Key Achievements District Cabinet


Kenya 37

Uganda 9

Ethiopia 8

Rwanda 4

Tanzania 3

5 Divisions

15 Areas

Smedley Distinguished District

15.7% Club Growth

23% Membership payments

80.4% Distinguished Clubs

3rd World Position

18 DTMs (Distinguished Toastmasters)

International Video Speech Contest: 1st and 2nd Place Winners

District Director: Harry Karanja, DTM

Program Quality: Gladys Muhunyo, DTM

Club Growth Dir: Anthony Wang’ondu

Public Relations: Njeri Gathii

Admin Manager: Milka Wanjira

Finance Manager: Lalindra De Silva, DTM

Immediate Past DD: Rozy Rana, DTM

Division Directors: Nguru Wachira, Japheth Musau DTM, Ethiopis Tadesse, Gilbert Rutebemberwa

Area Directors: Joyce Kaduki, Eric Muriithi, Becky Njagi, Dan Odero, David Amala, Alligator Makori, Esther Kaburu, Ken Ochieng, Oscar Mwangi, Lalindra DeSilva DTM, Emenet Ephrem, Mekedela Mekuria, Christine Nabiryo, Hope Kansiime, Roger Gasore


Kenya 32

Ethiopia 7

Uganda 5

Rwanda 4

Tanzania 3

2 Divisions

7 Areas

Smedley Distinguished District

50% Club Growth

48.6% Membership Payments

85.3% Distinguished Club

4th World Position.

5 DTMs

International Video Speech Contest: 2nd Place Winner

Territorial Council Chair: Rozy Rana, DTM

Program Quality: Harry Karanja, DTM

Club Growth Dir: Gladys Muhunyo, DTM

Public Relations: Beverly Nambozo, DTM

Admin Manager: Momanyi Nyabonyi

Finance Manager: Margaret Njoroge, DTM

Division Directors: Anthony Wang’ondu, Gilbert Rutebemberwa

Area Directors: Allan Aringo, Becky Njagi, Peter Mutua, Stacey Alugo, Yosef Gola, Joshua Tahinduka, Connie Nshemereiwe


Kenya 21

Ethiopia 5

Uganda 3

Rwanda 3

Tanzania 2

5 Areas

Undocumented by TI

2 DTMs

International Video Speech Contest 1st and 2nd Place Winners

Territorial Council Chair: Rozy Rana, DTM

Program Quality: Joshua Tahinduka, DTM

Club Growth Dir: Harry Karanja, DTM

Admin Manager: Priscah Oketch

Finance Manager: Momanyi Nyabonyi

Public Relations: Allan Aringo

Area Directors: Beatrice Muganda, Anthony Wang’ondu, Gladys Muhunyo, Sheba Njagi, Shamma Ahmedali, Natlyn Benard, Gilbert Rutebemberwa, Ethiopis Tadesse

Distinguished Toastmaster*- The Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award represents the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters.

Our History

The history of our district began in 2017-2018 year. This year East Africa, was a rewarding period for Toastmasters in the region as World Headquarters included the Territorial council of East Africa in its district reformation plan, we were graced by a visit from the then President of Toastmasters International – Balraj Arunasalam, DTM and, thanks to the unwavering support of Toastmasters across East Africa, we registered a growth of 100% in the number of clubs – from 17 active clubs in June 2017 to 34 clubs in 2018.

The best of East Africa Conference in Kigali Rwanda, held in May of 2017, heralds the first affirmation of 17 Chartered Clubs and 3 Prospective clubs which later chartered the following year to migrate East Africa from un-districted Toastmasters Territory to a Territorial Council.

Serving in the first Territorial Council leadership was Chair – Rozy Rana, DTM, Program Quality Director- Joshua Tahinduka, DTM and Club Growth Director – Harry Karanja, DTM. This team committed to expanding the knowledge of transition to District across East Africa together with passionate and committed club sponsors, mentors and coaches.

Members of Individual clubs pooled together to physically mobilize members of new clubs and committed their time and resources to grow others. These members went beyond their personal development journey to very noble and inspiring mission that was fundamental to the expansion of Toastmasters in East Africa Today. We are totally indebted to each one of them in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Toastmasters Clubs by Country

You are invited to join any of the clubs withing District 114. Here is a list of Toastmasters clubs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

We have meetings convening every day of the week. Find our calendar of meetings in our Club Meetings section of the website.

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