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Visual Design Assets

Poster Design Templates

Do you need templates to make your poster creations easier and faster? We have PowerPoint and Canva templates to support your clubs, areas and divisions create beautiful posters quickly.

With special credit to TM Robert Nduati Karanja for developing these PowerPoint templates.

For all Canva templates, remember to make your own copy and leave this template unchanged.

With special credit to TM Angelina Ngunje for developing these Canva templates.

Video Release Form

Before taking photographs or recording videos of club meetings that are to be used publicly, especially for creation of posters or promotional materials by a club, area, division or the district, we must ensure all individuals depicted in the photograph or recorded videos have signed and submitted the following release forms.

D114 Photo Library

D114 PhotoLibrary

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With special credit to TM Fred Ojil for capturing the photographs.