As a District Leader my focus is on delivering the district mission – Building more clubs and supporting existing clubs to achieve excellence. In all we do, let us ask ourselves if what we are doing is resonating with this mission. If each one of us does his little bit, together we shall achieve excellence.

District and Club leaders are focused on delivering exceptional experience to the members they lead. Only then can we grow more and strengthen existing clubs. This can be achieved through quality club meetings, productive and focused teams and groups and reskilling through training of leaders.

The trust and confidence you have entrusted in me as your Club Growth Director 2020/21 can only yield if we work together as leaders and leadership scholars to practice what we learn here at Toastmasters and to work together as a team. There is no better year in my 5 years as a Toastmaster for me to have joined the top leadership team than now. The potential, the talent and the commitment that each one the district council is unstoppable.

I have said this before and I repeat it for emphasis. Leadership is not about positions but rather about influencing the people you lead towards a focused goal. As your Club Growth Director, my role is to influence you into growing the district by adding at least 18 more Clubs and strengthening existing 60 clubs. Let us take advantage of the networks and the resources we have to achieve all our goals. Each one of us has something to contribute.

Let us make MAGIC

Gilbert Rutebemberwa

Club Growth Director