District 114 would like to invites nominations from the active members to serve as District Officers for the Toastmasters year 2022-2023. Nominations for following positions are invited:-
1) District Director
2) Program Quality Director
3) Club Growth Director
4) Division Directors (Divisions A, B, C, D, E, and F)
Note: Nomination for Area Director position will be invited separately. Please contact your Area Director for more details.

How to Nominate:-
Fill in the District Leader Nominating Form and forward to the DLC Chair (dlc@district114.org) no later than Monday, 31-January-2022.
Attach the following documents also with the nomination:-
Officer Agreement and Release Statement
District Leader Biographical Information Form
– List of Club/ District Offices held earlier (snapshot from Toastmasters Profile)
– A passport size photograph (for publishing with the report / district website / social media, if nominated)

Candidates intending to run from floor shall also undergo the nomination process. Only those candidates who have submitted their nomination and completed the evaluation process conducted by the DLC are eligible to run from floor at the annual District Council meeting. Those who fail to submit the nomination by 31-January-2022 will not be eligible to run from floor.

Other Resources (available at Toastmasters website):-
District Nominations Schedule
– District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities
– Candidate Application Checklist
– Candidate Evaluation Form
– Proxy and Elections
– Candidate Campaign Guidelines
– District Leader Competencies
– Process and Guidelines
– Election Toolkit