Your mind is the most powerful part of your body. It controls how  to respond to a specific question, how to walk through an alley and even how to stand on a podium and present a speech. In this moment when your nerves are flaring, Toastmasters teaches you how to rein them in.

Ethiopia is not as exposed to the outside world as other countries. Even though there is a lot of potential in our young leaders, due to the lack of opportunities, this has not been realized. The spirit that shines within this young aspiring generation has been kept captive for long. But ever since Toastmasters emerged in Ethiopia, we have grown to realize that a lot of people want to release their inner potential. Hence, our division gathered with the aim of empowering our youth. We learnt that millennials and generation Z are more inclined to use social media, therefore, our team aimed to engage them via these platforms. 

As a Division Public Relations Manager, I was tasked with promoting Toastmasters in Ethiopia. Thus far, I have engaged about 400 people(members and non-members) on the value of Toastmasters.