Eric Muriithi is an African Citizen from Kenya and a Trainer, Speaker, coach and MC by profession. He started out from the team-building activities by helping and empowering teams. This quickly translated into the soft skills of public speaking.

To become the best and the cream de la cream, Eric Joined Toastmasters. A decision he doesn’t regret because he now sees the growth in him. He has developed transferrable skills that he applies both at his workplace and to his family.

“I see a direct correlation between my membership and my growth,” Eric says.

Eric has also seen his finances grow because of joining Toastmasters. He is now a seminar speaker, an events moderator, and a speaking coach.

The story of one of his BOSS MOVES is amazing. He was once invited to speak for one hour and got offered 1,000 USD. He is now looking to grow that even more. “I am building capacity in order to command that kind of revenue,” Eric said.

Eric’s transformation at Toastmasters did not happen overnight. It happened over so many years. He has transformed from being a charismatic dance king to a refined Toastmaster. Seeing the value now, he trusts the process.

For Eric, there are 3 main things to take away from Toastmasters.

The first thing is the Education programme. This is a tool that helped him grow from the time he prepared for his icebreaker speech, and it taught him how to tell his story.

The second thing is the Leadership program. He grew from Club President to Club Growth Director. As a leader at Toastmasters, you get strategic planning tools like the club success plan, area success plan and district success plan.

Third, is the networks. Eric now gets business referrals from Toastmasters in and outside Kenya. He now wants to move into more East African regions like Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. “Your networks determine your net worth,” he said.

His advice to every Toastmaster is that they should give themselves to the process because everything works when you work it out. He advises members to take up roles, and to be part of contests, and the district conferences. “Be patient with yourself. In the fulness of time, you are becoming,” he said.

Why attend TEACON?

Come, and attend TEACON 2022 because the district conference gives you the best of the best of Toastmasters. It is an opportunity for you to learn by observing other people. Come see people that are on journeys that you want to take.

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