2021 Online Speech Contest Best Practices

Use the best practices and tips outlined here to help you prepare for and conduct a successful online speech contest. If you are conducting your District-level International Speech Contest, make sure to also review the Video Recording Guidelines for Online Speech Contests
Also, find the Online Speech Contest exception, which is an exception to General Rules for All Toastmasters Speech Contests,
The following PowerPoint presentations are availed to you to guide the preparation and execution of successful contests:

  1. Contest Chair and Chief Judge Checklists- Discusses the responsibilities of the contest chair, preparation, and role execution
  2. Speech Judges Contest Training- Refer to these slides to learn how to prepare your judges for contests.
  3. Speech Contest Training- Learn the types and benefits of speech contests, contestant eligibility among others.
  4. Speech Contest Roles: S.A.A, Timers, Ballot Counters- Get your S.A.A, timers, and Ballot counters in top performance during contests.
  5. A guide:Contest Chair Speech contest script
  6. The online speech contest best practices.
Contest Chair and Chief Judge Checklists
Speech Judges Contest Training
Speech Contest Training
Speech Contest Roles: SAA, Timers, Ballot Counters
Contest Chair Script
Online Contest Best Practices

For contest chairs, this script is only a guide for the D114 contest session and does not replace the TMI Contest Rulebook. Each Contest Chair can customize their own script while following the TMI Speech contest rules issued from time to time)

Downloading Contest Posters

Publicize your Club, Area, and Divisions using these templates provided by the District. You are, however, at liberty to develop your own promotional posters.

Tall Tales and Evaluation
Table Topics and International speech contest

Speech Contest Winning Tips

Recordings From Our Previous District Contests