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December’s Message

Dear D114 Toastmasters

Seasons Greetings Toastmasters! We celebrate all clubs that have made it their next club anniversary, new clubs and new members. Congratulations for Staying the course of Leadership and communication through your Toastmasters Club

In MAGIC- C is for Care.

Care – Being our Best: For every opportunity you get at the Club Meetings, at Area Contests or Socials, at Division or District Training or Events, you create MAGIC by showing your best value yet. You always do. You Care!

Care- Being our Best to each other. Every club member is a gift to the Toastmasters Community. Your presence shows that you care.

Care- Through the East African Spirit of Togetherness. Each message, phone call or visit to check on one another brings us all together. We appreciate those who serve as leaders at Club, Area, Division and District who go an extra mile to check on other members. We Care!

Toastmasters is where leaders are made. This December, Check on each other and Show some Care!

Gladys Muhunyo,

District Director, D114

Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made

November’s Message

In MAGIC- I is for Identify.

Identify– Skills and Talents: Prepare adequately for every club role and project to bring out your skills and talents. Some come naturally, others need great effort, mentoring and peer support at your club meetings. Identify opportunities at home, work and community where you can apply these learned skills. We look forward to hearing all about your experiences.

Identify– East Africa Opportunities. As a member of the District114, you have at your disposal the opportunity to meet and share with clubs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Network with fellow district members. Many of the District Clubs continue with online meetings and you can join in any of them. Club Meetings are listed here.

Identify– Where you are most needed. You can add great value to your family, community, corporation, business or school, Go forth and identify every opportunity to present your unique skills to those who need it most. This requires time, effort and commitment. The reward is however unequaled. Do tell us when you do so via email

October’s Message

Welcome onboard renewed season of Toastmasters! If you haven’t already signed up for a role at your next club meeting, do so now! MAGIC begins at the Club.

In MAGIC- G is for Give.

Give – Time: Prepare adequately for every club meeting project, speech and role. The Area Contest signups are happening in this season, give yourself time to participate in preparation and execution of events with clubs in your areas. There’s more and deeper experience as we serve together.

Give – Feedback: Whether you are a speech evaluator or not, always seek an opportunity to give effective feedback to role takers in every meeting. This keeps every member growing.

Give – Skills. You are unique, you have every opportunity to present your unique skills at your club, area, or division. The more we give, the more we get as others learn to give as well..

Toastmasters is where leaders are made. This October Give yourself the opportunity to be!

Gladys Muhunyo,
District Director, D114

Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made

September’s Message

Our personal growth in leadership and communication happens at every MAGICal club meeting.

In MAGIC- A is for Appreciation.

Congratulations to all of you who have renewed your journey by submitting your dues to Toastmasters International through your clubs.

I call upon every club to recognize and celebrate every renewed member of the club at every club meeting this month.

This month the District Public Relations Manager and Team are looking for your stories. As a member, do share with your club, area and division why you choose to renew and stay the course of personal development through Toastmasters.

We need your help to make your club more vibrant, your community more empowered as you share your skills learned at your club.

We Appreciate your membership! Appreciate your fellow Club Members too!

Let’s Make Magic.

Gladys Muhunyo,
District Director, D114

Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made

August’s Message

Dear D114 Toastmasters

We began this year re-establishing that we shall together make MAGIC at every club meeting.

Congratulations of all of you who have stepped up to prepare, present and participate at every meeting of your home club and away.

This month the District Program Quality Team together with Division and Area Councils are launching our member mentoring programs. We need your help to support new and returning Toastmasters while also leaning on each other for feedback on our roles, speeches, activities and responsibilities. Your club is the place to get your Toastmasters authentic member value through Mentorship. Your Area and Division is the place to collaborate with others and sharpen our skills .

Be a Mentor, Be Mentored

We look forward to hearing all about your new members and club mentors. Let’s Make Magic

Gladys Muhunyo,
District Director, D114

Toastmasters – Where Leaders Are Made