In this dynamic world, silence is something that almost never happens since we are in constant exposure to voices. We are continuously talking with other people on the phone, video calls, or in person. But most of all, we are listening to the constant voices of our thoughts. Some are wombs of thought that give birth to transformative ideas and roads to freedom while others are self-tangling traffic of thoughts that clutter our mind and become a curtain between our aspirations and us.

Imagine this, you are walking towards the podium to deliver the speech you have been preparing to achieve your dream of becoming a great public speaker. Once you are on the stage, two things will happen. You can deliver your speech while many what-if-thoughts playing at the back of your mind like a soundtrack to a lyrics of a music cluttering your mind. What if I forget my speech halfway? What if the audience do not like what I am talking about? What if people judge me for the topic I am discussing? Or you can deliver your speech with small butterflies in your stomach emanating from the peace with in you feeling one step closer to your dream of becoming a good public speaker.

Yes, we live in a dynamic world that creates voices around and within us. But it is up to us to control those that come in our minds and the words that come out of our mouth. Toastmasters gives us the opportunity to practice silencing the constant clutter of thoughts that hinder our progress while equipping us with the skill to become great public speakers, and excellent leaders. Whenever we are taking an assignment during club sessions, or serving our members at different leadership positions, we are unveiling the curtain that is between our dream and us. The choice is ours, to miss this opportunity we cannot get back just like a leaf that has fallen from a tree branch or use every opportunity that come our way as a steppingstone towards our dream. Which one do you choose?

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