DIVISION B: PROGRAM YEAR 2021/2022 (A Welcome Message from Division Director, Jaynnie Mulle)

Welcome to Division B of District 114, home to 14 Clubs within Nairobi and Kigali.

Issac Newton made a famous statement. He said, “If I have been able to see further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants.”

I will be encouraging everyone in Division B to stand on the shoulders of giants in whatever capacity they occupy. Whether it is Club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education, Vice Presidents Membership etc; all to stand on the shoulders of those who went before them.

Our vision as Division B is based on the District Director’s rallying call ‘To the Top’; where I will be encouraging us all to ‘Rise To The Occasion’ in order to get to the top.

For starters, we want to begin from where the others had reached.


Division B is home to 14 Clubs in Areas 4, 5 and 6 within Nairobi and Kigali.

Area 4 – Arether Wanjiru (Area Director)

The Hill Toastmasters
Rafiki Toastmasters
K – Toastmasters
Iconic Toastmasters
Zumaridi Toastmasters

Area 5 – June Keriri (Area Director)

Kikuyu Toastmasters
Lerai Toastmasters
Sema Toastmasters
Diplospeak Toastmasters

Area 6 – Armand Kwitonda (Area Director)

1Rwanda Toastmasters
Techy Talkers Toastmasters
TRES Toastmasters
Kigali Executives Toastmasters
Yellow Toastmasters

Joining a club is easy! Please click here to register and select the club of your choice. 


Jaynnie Mulle – Division Director
Syria Rama – Program Quality Director
Erustus Ouko – Club Growth Director
Derrick Mandela – Administration Manager
Vivian Akinyi – Public Relations Manager

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