TEACON Graphics

Here is a collection of all TEACON graphics with instructions on how to use and where to apply them.

For phone users: Right click on the image and “Download image” or Open in new tab then right click again to download the image.

For computer/laptop users: Right click on the images and go to “Save image as…”


Download this poster and share it on your different personal platforms. Use the hashtag #TEACON2021 to promote the event.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Use this Zoom backgrounds in your Zoom meetings. We have provided three backgrounds to suit your preference.

Instructions on how to place a Zoom virtual background

To enable the TEACON Virtual Background feature:

  1. Download the backgrounds to your computer.
  2. Join your zoom meeting from your computer.

  3. At the Top left of the speaker screen, you will see a green shield with a tick in it. Click on it. It will open a page on the details of the meeting.
  4. On the right, you will see the settings icon. Click on it.
  5. Go to Background & Filters
  6. When you hover on the plus sign, you will see “Add Image”. Click on it. Select the TEACON background you had downloaded on your computer. Click “Open”
  7. Close the window, and go back to your meeting. The virtual background will now display throughout the meeting.

You can disable it as well by following the steps above and choosing none

Timer Cards

Display these TEACON timer cards in your meetings leading up to the TEACON 2021 Conference.