TEACON FAQs2021-02-07T23:20:37+03:00
What is TEACON?2021-02-02T18:46:01+03:00

TEACON, short for Toastmasters East African Conference, is a gathering of all Toastmasters within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and EthiopiaTEACON 2021 Announcement Poster


What Is the Purpose of TEACON?2021-02-02T18:45:50+03:00

Toastmasters across the five countries meet :

  • To celebrate Individual and Club achievement.
  •  To enhance members’ leadership and communication skills through education sessions.
  •  To hold speech contests i.e  Evaluation, Tall Tales, Table Topics & International Speech Contest Finals.
  •  To elect the District Officials for the next Toastmaster year.
Who will be in attendance?2021-02-02T18:45:34+03:00
  • Toastmasters from across East Africa
  •  Non-Toastmasters
  •  Guest Toastmasters from other regions
  •  Collaborative member organizations such as Rotary
Where Will It Take Place?2021-02-02T18:45:24+03:00

It will take place at the Prideinn Beach Resort;  in Mombasa, Kenya

When Shall TEACON Take Place?2021-02-07T23:15:26+03:00

The Conference shall take place from 27th May- 29th May 2021.

We have a three-day fun-filled session for you. Here is what to expect:

  • Thursday 27th – Cocktail
  • Friday 28th – Official Opening, full day program and Quiz Night
  • Saturday 29th – District Council Meeting, Contests and Gala Dinner
Why Should I Attend the TEACON?2021-02-02T18:45:06+03:00

  • It is a showcase of the best of Toastmasters in East Africa.
  • It is an excellent networking platform. Meet Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters from different professions and regions.
  • It is an opportunity to learn communication and leadership skills, hear from seasoned industry speakers, and subject matter experts.
  • There are a lot of fun activities such as Speech contests, beach games, quiz night, gala dinner.
For queries…2021-02-02T18:32:30+03:00

Reach us via the email: teacon@district114.org


Call Zippy/Churchill on 0725-236-860/0711-796-739